Moo to Ewe's Vegan Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

We held our first fundraising event for Moo to Ewe on Saturday 8th June, 2019. It went extremely well, with fellow plant based supporters coming just so they can attend their first ever Bunnings Sizzle and give to a good cause! A few people denied the sizzle once they found out it was plant-based, though all in all it was the best first event we could ask for.

600 sausage sandwiches, 60 loaves of bread and 15kg of onions later, over $1,200 was raised for the care of our residents, including donations. Thank you to Bunnings Tuggerah for providing us with the opportunity to hold one of the first vegan Bunnings sage sizzles in NSW and Long Jetty Takeaway for the delicious vegan sausages. We also want to thank YOU for all of your wonderful support. We could not be saving animals without you.

Did you miss out on the sizzle?

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Prepping the snags and the onions :)

Prepping the snags and the onions :)

Kaylee Ashton