Here Before Us

Not For Us

That burning question - “What more can we do for farmed animals?” - An ever present thought in our minds. Another was “How does a typical family of 4 advocate for oppressed farm animals?”. After we all converted to a plant based diet in 2015, it was often the subject of our family dinners - how do we dedicate the rest of our lives to saving those that were here before us and more importantly reach out to other kind compassionate people!


We were not destined for public speaking or front line activism or slaughterhouse protests- so what could we do?  Then we had a ‘lightbulb’ moment: maybe we could start a sanctuary.. and so the seed was planted and that dinner conversation grew a life of its own culminating in a 2 year journey of finding the right property for our sanctuary and a home for our ever-growing family.


We are Craig, Carol, Brayden and Kaylee, a 'traditional' family unit. We have lived in Adelaide, Singapore, Melbourne and Sydney suburbia to arrive here in Central Coast NSW.  We dedicate our existence to the lives of all farmed animals so they may live out theirs.